Lake Placid Wrap Up (Finally)

It has been a few weeks since Lake Placid and I have been thinking about how to summarize everything that happened during that event and have not been able to find the words to describe it. Exciting. Exhausting. Inspiring. All are things that come to mind when I think about the days that lead up to the IronMan as well as the event itself.

To start, I did the event as a fund raiser for the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation. I wanted a little bit of extra incentive to help push myself and force me to commit to being prepared for this event. I am proud to say, that I reached my $5,000 fund raising goal and as a team we raised over $300,000.

Over $300,000 raised by this group…

I am really glad that I did my first IronMan as part of this MMRF Team, the help and support they gave definitely reduced the stress in getting things lined up and knowing my family that came up to watch would be well taken care of while I was on the course racing.

We were lucky and got into town a few days before the race. We were staying right in Lake Placid, so it made it very easy to get accustomed to the Lake and the “cable”.  It took me a couple of swims to get comfortable with the cable. Getting close to it at first really freaked me out. But after getting to swim the course for a couple of days it actually became quite comforting and I didn’t have to sight much at all.

Stay on the cable, the pros don’t mind going over top of you

The race itself was the well oiled machine that is IronMan. Checking in was a piece of cake.

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