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Beach Run with the Beanhead

Distance: 8.02 mi.
Time: 1:15:25
Pace: 9:24/mi.
Elevation: 24 ft.
Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Distance: 4.85 mi.
Time: 45:12
Pace: 9:19/mi.
Elevation: 41 ft.
Blustery and the ocean is closed, so I'm inside

Blustery and the ocean is closed, so I’m inside

Distance: 20.63 mi
Time: 1:01:14
Average Speed: 20.2 mi/h
Elevation: 341 ft

Crazy Crosswinds

Distance: 37.61 mi.
Time: 2:05:01
Average Speed: 18.1 mi./h
Elevation: 233 ft.