COVID the Commonwealth

This year is getting weirder and weirder with events being cancelled and safety practices becoming more important. Because of social distancing and staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I am going to skip this year’s Crush the Commonwealth. BUT, in spirit of the Marines, trying our find a way to make something happen with what we have, I propose to still do the ride – only virtually.

A few of the events I was planning on doing have been canceled – the Arlington Garage Races, a couple of IronMan 70.3’s, and the Marine Corps 17.75k. The coordinating organizations aren’t taking it as a loss, they are accepting the opportunity to do things differently. The Marines took it in true Marine fashion and figured out what they could do. Runners completed a virtual 17.75k run and send it to them for validation in order to get their access to the Marine Corps Marathon. IronMan is working on a virtual series with details being announced on April 1st to help people get their race ya-ya’s. I am excited to see what the virtual swim is going to be – my money is in the bathtub.

So I am proposing to do a virtual Crush the Commonwealth. I know it isn’t going to be the same as being outside doing the real thing – weather, wind, drunk drivers at 1a, and Sheetz food. Given the state of technology, we can get together virtually on Zwift and ride the distance with similar elevation gains. I have researched routes on Zwift and have found a few that will get us close:

  • Big Foot Hills – Watopia: 41.9m 2090’/loop = 9.1 Loops 19054′
  • The London Pretzel – London: 34.5m 1742’/loop = 11.1 Loops 19,288′
  • Dust in the Wind – Watopia: 33.9m 1736’/loop = 11.3 Loops 19,562′
  • Greater London 8 – London: 14.8m 840’/loop = 25.8 Loops 21,681′
  • 2015 UCI Worlds Course – Richmond: 10.1m 467’/loop = 37.8 Loops 17,662′
  • Jungle Circuit – Watopia: 4.9m 259’/loop = 77.9 Loops 20191′
  • The 6 Train – New York: 4m 203’/loop = 95.5 Loops 19,386′

I did a test loop on Big Foot Hills yesterday and think that is going to be the route. Watopia is always available and the distance and elevation are pretty close.

Anyone interested in joining me?

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