2018 Be Like…

I can’t believe it is the end of June already. This year has not been going as planned – travel, chronic injuries, and general craziness has impact my training this year and is forcing me to take a step back, take an inventory of where things stand and try to salvage the remainder of this year.

Quick gear check: Helmet – yep. Goggles – yep. Clogs – yep. Bat – yep. Leopard Skin Thong – OF COURSE!

Travel has been a lot since the beginning of the year, 83 days out of 176. That has caused a lot of issues in trying to keep a healthy diet and keeping a regular training schedule has fallen out the window. So I have postponed doing the IronMan Maryland until 2019 and haven’t registered for any fall halfs. The only things I have scheduled are the Marine Corps Marathon again (have to run my hometown race) and then head down to Asheville in February to run the Mount Mitchell Challenge. Other than that just have a number of things percolating in my head that I want to do, including picking up writing here. I feel like I did a lot in prep for last year’s IronMan, but everything slipped after that.


My feelings about Hawaii

I don’t have kids, nor can I translate anything they say. That being said, this little guy’s translation pretty much sums up my time in Hawaii. The only thing I need to add is a reference to the poke bowls (Aloha Poke was my favorite and I still think about it!!!!)