Might Disappear for Awhile…

As I have posted before, this has been a tough year for everyone. Now with knee surgery looming in a couple weeks, I want to make sure I go out with a blast. So I am planning a seven day

Positive Mental Attitude?

This past weekend was supposed to be the Ironman Lake Placid and I am disappointed and frustrated not to be up there.

Like many folks, this year has thrown me for quite a loop. The pandemic. Civil unrest. Health situations and nagging injuries. Fitness has slipped. Almost every event and plan has fallen through for one reason or another. Hell, even the DIY events I have been trying to do have not panned out the way that I had hoped.

The Longest Day

It looks like the majority of things that are going to happen this year are DIY or unsanctioned types of events. Ted King is promoting his #DIYGravel initiative after completing his #DIYGravelDK across the State of Vermont. If you haven’t

Feeling it

I admit it – my plan has gone out the window like SO MANY OTHERS when we got punched in the mouth with COVID this year. I was stoked with the fitness I had built, the relationships I had grown

COVID the Commonwealth

This year is getting weirder and weirder with events being cancelled and safety practices becoming more important. Because of social distancing and staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I am going to skip this year’s Crush the Commonwealth. BUT, in spirit of the Marines, trying our find a way to make something happen with what we have, I propose to still do the ride – only virtually.

Crush the Commonwealth – Logistics and Gear List

Rides are getting longer and I am deep in logistics mode. This year has spun up fast and the planning for Crush the Commonwealth is in full swing. Reservations are being made, transportation is being coordinated – and then along comes the Corona Virus – thanks Fucker…